Young Striders in Silesian Uprisings Museum

Yesterday, 29 th November on the „Young Strides” we went to Museum of Silesian Uprisings in Świętochłowice. At half past twelve we finished lessons, ate lunch and went to the tram station. With the 7 line we approached the place, where the museum is . Our guide was miss Agnieszka. First, we watched the film about life of Mr Franciszek, who fought during a Silesian Uprising, later we went upstairs and saw military exposition of various times what we liked very much. Next Miss Agnieszka told us (in English) about history of the Silesian region. We learned that Silesia wasn`t always Polish ! We saw room with very old traditional furniture. After that we went to a hall, where Polish and Germans propaganda posters were hanging. They were printed before the plebiscite to help people decide where Silesia should belong. The visit in museum was very exciting. After leaving the museum we made a snow battle. We will remember it for sure for a long time.
Written by Nikodem Różyc – Stage 5